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Agency for Healthcare Research Quality
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Dr. Carolyn Clancy, MD Navigating the Health Care System
Advice Columns from Dr. Carolyn Clancy

Carolyn Clancy, M.D., has prepared brief, easy-to-understand advice columns for consumers to help navigate the health care system. They address important issues in order to help people become informed health care consumers.
Dr. Clancy 411 Feaures
411 HighlightsAutism Consumer Guide
AHRQ provides further insight into conditions and treatment options.
411 FeatureChronic Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C, is an infectious disease that causes nearly 15,000 deaths each year. Untreated chronic hepatitis C infection can permanently damage the liver.
Column Library:

6/11/2013Not Just the Baby Blues: Screening Can Help Address Postpartum Depression
5/10/2013Hopeful Signs on a Long Road to a Better Health System
4/09/2013Health Law at Three Years Highlights Coverage, Cost, and Quality Improvements
3/05/2013New Primary Care Focus Helps Patients Take Better Care of Themselves
2/05/2013New Tools Help Health Providers Reduce Patients’ Risk of Falls
1/08/2013Make Good on Your Resolution To Quit Smoking
12/14/2012Resources to Help You Stay Healthy in the New Year
11/09/2012Tool Helps Hospital Staff Improve Communications for Patients with Limited English Skills
10/02/2012Teamwork a Key Feature of Patient Safety Improvement Program
9/04/2012Helping You Avoid Return Trips to the Hospital
8/07/2012Get Up-to-Date on Shots Before Summer Ends
7/10/2012Revealing Medical Errors Helps Chicago Hospitals Build a Safer Health System
5/01/2012One Step Forward on Quality Improvement, One Step Back on Access
4/03/2012Consumers Learning To Recognize High-Value Health Care Providers
3/06/2012New Processes Can Help Hospitals Spot - and Stop - Drug Errors
2/07/2012Million Hearts Campaign Aims to Lower Risk, Improve Care
12/06/2011Tools Help You Choose a Good Nursing Home
11/01/2011How to Get a Good Value When Choosing a Health Plan
10/04/2011New Initiative Urges Better Communication between Clinicians and Patients
9/06/2011Research on Women’s Health Issues Informs Treatment Choices
8/02/2011Why You Need to Explore Your Treatment Options
7/05/2011Resources to Help You Be a Better Caregiver
6/07/2011New Public Service Campaign Urges Hispanics To Talk With Their Doctor
5/03/2011Safety Culture Creates Better Care for Patients
4/05/2011Health IT Tools Help with Care and Costs
3/01/2011What You Can Do To Prevent A Fall
2/01/2011Focus on Heart Health
1/04/2011Your Options for Treating Rotator Cuff Tears
12/07/2010Don’t Let Medicines Cause Harm
11/02/2010Quitting Smoking
10/05/2010Focus on Obesity
9/07/2010Improving Your Health Literacy
8/03/2010Treating High Cholesterol
7/06/2010Why It’s Wise to Use a Health Advocate
6/01/2010How to Avoid the Round-Trip Visit to the Hospital
5/04/2010Healthcare-Associated Infections: They Can Happen to You
4/06/2010Same-Day Surgery: What You Should Know
3/02/2010Comparing Blood Pressure Medicines
2/02/2010Comparing Diabetes Drugs
1/05/2010Comparing Medical Treatments for Antidepressants
11/03/2009Does Your Hospital Do A Good Job?
10/06/2009Open Enrollment: What To Consider When Choosing a Health Plan
9/15/2009What You Need to Know about Blood Thinner Pills
9/01/2009How to Make an Emergency Department Visit a Safe One
8/18/2009Personalized Medicine's Frontier Is Coming Into View
8/04/2009An Aspirin a Day? The Answer is Different for Men and Women
7/21/2009Hospital Advisory Councils Get Patients' View on Safer Health Care
7/07/2009Talking About End-of-life Treatment Decisions
6/16/2009Keeping Track of Your Health Information
6/02/2009New Reports Show Weak Progress on Health Quality
5/19/2009Coordinating Your Care with a Medical Home
5/05/2009Asking Questions to Get the Care You Need
4/21/2009Off-Label Drugs: What You Need to Know
4/07/2009Comparative Effectiveness Research: What It Means for You
3/17/2009How To Complain - And Get Heard
3/03/2009How Tired Is Your Doctor?
2/17/2009New Web Tool Helps You Choose a Nursing Home
2/03/2009How to Choose Long-Term Care Services
1/21/2009New Hope for Chronic Disease Management
1/06/2009Ready to Lose Weight in the New Year? Experts Offer Guidance for Adults and Children
12/16/2008Better Information Helps Patients
12/02/2008Online Tools Help Patients Find Good Health Information
11/18/2008Guides Help Patients Find Their Best Treatment Options
11/05/2008Keeping Healthy When the Economy Is Not
10/21/2008Payment Change Puts Spotlight on Preventing Hospital Errors
10/07/2008Checklist Helps Men Keep on Track to Good Health
9/16/2008Checklist Helps Women Give Equal Time to Their Health Needs
9/02/2008Helpful Steps To Take After You Get a Diagnosis
8/19/2008How To Use Hospital Emergency Rooms Wisely
8/05/2008Checklists Help Men and Women Stay Healthy at 50+
7/15/2008Tips To Help You Find a Good Doctor
7/01/2008Simple Steps Can Reduce Health Care-Associated Infections
6/03/2008Smart Choices: How to Choose a Health Plan That’s Right for You
5/20/2008What's Your Health Literacy Score
5/06/2008Real Men Wear Gowns - And Help Their Health
4/15/2008Superheroes TV and Radio Ads Encourage Hispanics to Get Involved in Their Own Health Care
4/01/2008Your Experience in the Hospital and Why it Matters
3/18/2008Balancing Treatment Advice: Benefits, Risks, and Personal Choice
3/04/2008Big Strides, Not Small Steps, Needed to Boost Health Care Quality
2/19/2008Busting Myths About Health Care Quality
2/05/2008Asking Questions About Medical Tests
1/16/2008What to Ask Before Surgery
1/02/2008Tips for Taking Medicines Safely
12/18/2007Where Medical Errors Occur and Steps You Can Take to Avoid Them
12/04/2007Facing the Facts: Get Involved to Get Better Care
11/20/2007Health Care Quality: Take A Closer Look
10/30/2007Becoming an Involved Health Care Consumer
10/16/2007Recognizing High-Quality Health Care
Latest Columns
411 ColumnsNot Just the Baby Blues: Screening Can Help Address Postpartum Depression
A new baby brings joy and excitement. But for some women, it can also bring on the start of serious depression. Known as postpartum depression, this condition often starts shortly after a woman gives birth, but it can also begin up to a year later.
411 ColumnsHopeful Signs on a Long Road to a Better Health System
Overall, the quality of care that patients get from their doctors and in hospitals is slowly improving.
411 ColumnsHealth Law at Three Years Highlights Coverage, Cost, and Quality Improvements
As of December 2011, 3.1 million more young adults had health insurance coverage as a direct result of the law.

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